New Home Page!

I’ve spent the last several weeks adding tags and categories to all my recipes so that adding a search button to the home page will allow visitors to my site to search all the recipes for whatever food they want to cook. So if you are on the home page and want to look for recipes with, say, mushrooms, you can search on the word “mushroom” and tah dah, a search page will list all recipes that include mushrooms.

I’ve also added listings of most recent posts along with a section on followers so visitors might see who else is looking at my blog and perhaps visit your blogs as well. And lastly, which I think is perhaps the least helpful, is an archives of all my blogs by date. If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning and saw a recipe in say, January 2019 but you don’t remember the title or if it was under entries or side dishes, this listing should be helpful.

I hope you’ll find the changes on the home page useful. Thanks for following my blog and I will continue to try to make improvements.

The other thing I’ve been doing the last few weeks, which is something I do about every two years (for the last 30 years!), is working on a recipe for gluten-free bread that doesn’t include eggs. I’ve tried three so far, one came out like a brick which is normal for the recipes I’ve tried in the past. Another actually did rise slightly and was not as dense as most gluten-free breads I’ve tried to make, but tasted awful! The third one just didn’t work at all, didn’t rise, didn’t taste good, nothing! But I’ll keep working on it. I’ve pulled out all my old issues of Gluten Free and More as well as all my cookbooks and I hope to come up with a good tasting, less dense, loaf in the near future. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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